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Playing Soccer

2024 Pre-Season Training

The Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Program is a structured regimen designed to enhance the physical attributes necessary for optimal performance on the soccer field. The trainings includes a combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, agility drills, and flexibility exercises tailored specifically for soccer players. The goal is to improve players' overall strength, power, endurance, agility, and resilience, addressing the unique demands of the sport. This program aims to enhance players' on-field capabilities, reduce the risk of injuries, and contribute to sustained peak performance throughout the season.

Active Man

Speed, Power and Endurance

The speed, power, and endurance component combines cutting-edge techniques and proven training methods to elevate player's game to the next level. The program is designed to boost speed to outpace opponents, unleash explosive power for dynamic plays, and build the endurance needed to maintain peak performance throughout the entire match. 

Physical Training

Agility and Flexibility 

Soccer is a dynamic sport that requires players to adapt to ever-changing scenarios, and those with superior agility and flexibility can execute precise movements, evade defenders, and recover more effectively. This aspect of training integrates dynamic drills and targeted stretches to enhance your agility, flexibility, as well as injury prevention. 

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Custom Training Program

Every single player who books a pre-season training package will receive a custom training program following the first session. The program will be custom designed to fit each player's specific needs, including their strengths, aspects they may need to work on, as well as position and playing style. Each program also focuses on proper recovery post game and practice, as well as injury prevention. 

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