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Playing Soccer

2024 Elite Training Packages

The Elite Training Package was designed for players who are looking to take their game to the next level, with professional level training and follow up that is seen at the pro level. Each package includes an initial player evaluation, followed by Coach Mike personally attending between 2 to 5 games, a follow-up training session after each game, as well as film review with the player to look at technical, tactical, as well as decision making aspects on the field. Players will also receive a dynamic personalized training that changes every week with based on their game performances and training sessions. 

Soccer Practice

1. Initial Player Evaluation

An initial player evaluation is conducted with Coach Mike to evaluate all fundamental skills, as well as a strength and conditioning evaluation to ensure the proper follow-up and initial training regiments for the player.  

Soccer Game

2. In-Game Coaching Analysis

Coach Mike will attend multiple games and provide an in-depth analysis of the technical and tactical performance of the player throughout the game. A written analysis will be provided to the player in order for them to have a point of reference for future games. 


3. Follow-Up Sessions

Following each game, a specialized 90 minute training session will be booked in order to work on the specific aspects that need to be worked on based on the previous game's main observations, trainings, as player's needs in general.   

Working on the computer

4. In-Game Video Analysis

Following each game, a virtual video analysis session will be organized where Coach Mike will analyze the previous game footage alongside the player. Video analysis will include all technical and tactical aspects relevant to the player, as well as decision making throughout the game.  

Soccer Practice

5. Personalized Dynamic Training Program

A custom training program will be dynamically adapted throughout the program and take into account all of the facets of the player's game that needs to be strengthen. This training program will take into account what Coach Mike has seen on the field as well as during training to optimize the player's progress.

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