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Montreal Soccer Coach
Montreal Soccer Coach

2024 Soccer Season (New!)

2024 Pre-Season Training Packages

  • Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Sessions

    • Speed, Power and Endurance​

    • Agility, Flexibility and Coordination

    • Custom Training Program for Each Player

2024 Elite Training Packages

  • 90 Minute Evaluation Training Session

    • Evaluation of Basic Fundamental Skills​

    • Evaluation of Position Specific Skills 

  • 2+ Game Evaluations 

    • Follow-Up Training Session After Each Game​

    • Custom Follow-Up Training Program

  • Professional In-Game Video Analysis 

    • Technical and Tactical Analysis​

    • Decision Making Analysis

Mike Zarmati 

Montreal Soccer Coach

B.A, B.Ed

Professional Soccer Coach


  • Over 30 years in the field. 

  • 20 years of coaching experience. 

  • More than 4500 players trained - 1500 trained at the Mike Zarmati Soccer Academy.  

  • Trained players who have been recruited by:

    • The Montreal Impact Soccer Academy

    • NCAA Division 1 Universities 

    • Regional Development Center (Lac-St-Louis)

    • Sports-Études programs across Montreal

    • PSG Soccer Academy

  • Specialization in player's specific soccer developmental stages. 

  • Degrees from McGill University's Physical and Health Education Program.

Private Trainings

Private trainings allow for a one on one session with the coach. 


Semi-private trainings are training sessions with 2 to 5 players with the coach. 

Group trainings are training sessions with 6 or more players with the coach. 

Personalized sessions with the coaches that includes player and game analysis, as well as personalized training plans for the team.

Group Trainings
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